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Es Vedrá – La Bota


Maximum depth: 45 meters
Minimum level: Open Water.

We recommend diving with NITROX.

It is a submerged, mountain-like rock in the middle of the sea on the west side of Es Vedrá island. It is dangerous for vessel navigation, because it rises up to the surface and is not marked.

We dive around the submerged rock, starting on the deeper east side and ascending in spiral, slowly finishing off in the shallow area.

In la Bota there may be some current, which also means that underwater life is abundant.

Plenty of different species inhabit the site: groupers, barracuda shoals, amberjacks, scorpion fish, breams and tunas.

Moreover, it is a paradise for sea stars, brittle-stars, moray eels, flabellinas or sea-hares.

Es Vedrá – La Aguja


Maximum depth: 34 meters
Minimum level: Open Water.

We recommend diving with NITROX.

The dive starts on a rocky platform at a depth of 12 meters. We will continue until we arrive to “la Aguja” (the Needle). It is a huge pointed rock emerging from 34 meters up to 6 meters.

We will go down turning around La Aguja at different depths.

We will see plenty of pink flabellinas and moray eels in a beautiful landscape or shoals of barracudas and white breams in the blue.

At the end of the dive, we will enter a small cave, which has an inside access to the surface.

El Arco


Maximum depth: 18 meters
Minimum level: Open Water.

We recommend diving with NITROX.

During the dive we will go through two natural stone arches underwater.

The walls of the first one are covered with sponges, false coral and sea squirts.

At the bottom of the first arch at 14 meters depth we can find two banded sea breams, salemas, striped mullets, octopuses, brown meagres and groupers.

There are some big boulders, which lead to the second smaller arch, after which we go back to the boat.

El Arco (the Arch) is perfect for beginner dives to 7 meters depth as well as for photographers.

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