5 things you should not do after diving.

1. Warm up your body after a dive.
2. Travel by plane.
3. Do not drink alcohol.
4. Exercise.
5. Get a massage.

1. Warm up your body after a dive: getting in the sun’s rays after diving can accelerate your decompression in all or one area of your body, and that can lead to decompression sickness, so try to warm up slowly.
2. Travel by plane: If you dive at sea level, try to stay at the same level for at least 24-48 hours so as not to accelerate your body’s decompression.
3. Don’t drink alcohol: Alcohol has an anticoagulant effect and this will affect your decompression in a bad way. It also dehydrates you, which, again, is bad for your body’s decompression, impairs your movement and judgement, which can lead to signs and symptoms of DCS.
4. Exercise: after a dive, you should take it easy, no running, no heavy lifting, just take it easy and let decompression occur in your body.
5. Take a massage: increasing the blood flow in your body right after a dive is a bad thing, maybe you can rub a sore shoulder and stretch a bit, but a full body massage can release a lot of dissolved fluid, gases trapped in your muscle tissues that are now circulating around your system where they really shouldn’t be.

Remember that your dive, or at least your decompression does not end when you reach the surface, it continues.
If you want to learn how to dive safely, then I recommend you take the Open Water Diver course.

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